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Emotionally Intelligent Design

As artists in the creative business we rely on logical operations such as data analysis, marketing strategies, briefs, and positioning statements. 


It wasn’t until the past couple years, when I started working as an independent contractor, that I realized I had lost many creative battles because I was unable to see the bigger picture.

Since working closely with clients, my creative process has been different, it’s not just about understanding business objectives. When a client comes to me, I want to learn their stories, what made them turn their passion into a business. I want to understand their struggles, goals and their audience. We’re not talking just about business; we’re developing a human connection that feeds the creative problem solver in me, the one that finds inspiration when emotions are a part of the equation.


The best creative solutions come when we understand that logic and emotions work hand in hand to drive successful businesses and certainly do a better job of building long-lasting brands.

My goal as a visual designer is that we can move away from the typical battlefield of logic vs creativity, so that both have an equal seat at the marketing table.

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